Bishop Keith “Foundations of Faith” at Christian Bookshop
13th October 2018
10:00am- 12:00pm
10am— 12 noon at the Christian Bookshop

This collection of brief essays by evangelical scholars from around the world explains the meaning and argues for the relevance of the 39 Articles of Religion for today. The contributions are concise, accessible and persuasive”. Julian Henderson, Bishop of Blackburn “What holds the Anglican Communion together is not just the scripture but a specifically Anglican understanding of how those scriptures shape the life, doctrine and worship of the Church. At a time when there is little clarity over the boundaries of our Church, this is a timely reminder of what defines the Anglican centre.” Paul Harcourt, National Leader, New Wine England
The Christian Bookshop Birkenhead is very grateful to Bishop Keith for taking time to come along to the shop, to talk about the book ‘Foundations of Faith’ and his contribution to it, and is happy to sign copies. Foundations of Faith is published by the Church Society and edited by Lee Gatiss


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