Diocesan Strategy for Mission St Michael’s Pensby
19th July 2018
7:30am- 9:00am
Diocesan Strategy for Mission: Important Discussion Meeting Thursday July 19th 7.30-9.00pm at St Michael’s Pensby. In recent months there has been some debate in the diocese about how the diocese is best able to meet the missional challenge that we now face. Bp Peter has written a discussion paper and would like to know what members of local churches think on the issues he raises (including Review of Deaneries, Diocesan Organisation, Ministry among younger people, Buildings and Human Resources). This is going to be done through deaneries. Our deanery meeting will be an open to anyone in the deanery who would like to express a view or be part of the discussion.

The Bishops paper can be found on the Diocesan website at http://www.chester.anglican.org/content/pages/documents/1527756028.pdf


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